Fresh-roasted coffee tastes better!
When we find green coffee beans that we like, we roast very small batches right here in Shelbyville to enhance those special characteristics that we think make for a truly delicious coffee experience, and to ensure that we're brewing and drinking the coffee when it's at its peak of freshness and flavor. Try one of our fresh roasted coffees in a brewed-just-for-you V60 or a Chemex today.

Featured Drink: Salted Caramel Big Daddy
Our 24-ounce latte with a whopping 4 shots of espresso, plus lots of caramel and salted caramel, and whipped cream on top. It's a big deal!

Featured Drink: Cafe Amore
Our rich espresso, steamed milk, decadent Ghirardelli caramel sauce and cinnamon, topped with real whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon.

Featured Drink: Spiced Hot Chocolate
Made to order hot chocolate starts with steamed whole milk and rich Ghirardelli chocolate sauce, blended with delicous spices, and topped with real whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon.

Thanks for voting us #1
A big thanks to everyone who voted us #1 Coffee in Shelbyville in the 2015 Sentinel News Best of Shelby County survey.

Sixth and Main Coffeehouse Presents: KY Artists and Authors

Original works will be for sale at each event.

Dates/times subject to change.
Contact to discuss booking your event at Sixth and Main Coffeehouse.